Design services and products for a post-consumerist era

Futur2 is a critical design studio based in Berlin, Germany.

We combine strategic foresight and experience design to build consequence-aware products, services and transform organizations to steer towards a shared future.


Our world is rapidly changing and getting back to normal’ never seemed more yesterday’s headline. We believe, there is no such thing “the normal” anymore. There is only the future, “the new” and for us to embrace it with a healthy curiosity, an open heart and the will to work.

As we are on the crossroads of tech-history where science fiction becomes reality, we are presented with dream-like opportunities and mile-high challenges alike. With design, we can help business redefine, transform and succeed with “the new” – in the far, near and immediate future.


Hands-on work for a hands-off world

There are usually three pillars of action for us (see below). Those are equally focussed on your company’s goals and your customers needs - across different time horizons.

Product/Service Design

We offer product- and service development.
Digital/physical, connected. For new services or existing ones. B2B or B2C. For humans or else.

Strategic Design/Futures

We can make your company and your products future-ready: with future-thinking, vision-building and prototyping, we will create consequence-aware future actionables.

Organisational Change

When you need to change, we support your organisational transformation from the inside-out: creating insights, changing people, tools, processes, mindset and culture.


  • Decision-enabling: We will enable you to make informed, educated choices.

  • Humanity: Beyond business KPIs, we care about responsibility re: purpose, people and sustainability.

  • Impact-focused outcome: We’re are dedicated to make an impact on your organization, service experience, people and planet.

  • Participatory partnering: Everybody participates, everybody learns.

  • No beating around the bush: We’re paid to be a critical partner, for our council and for our expertise.

  • Holistic approach: We are fans of the big picture - we look behind every curtain necessary.

  • Dirty hands: We build, we make, we craft - we won’t just talk the talk.


Thomas Küber

Started at Fraunhofer research, worked up and down the design industry in Europe, Asia and the US. Focus on helping corporations and communities to embed design strategies that enable not only economic growth but generate genuine value for real people. LinkedIn

Andreas Wegner

An award-winning designer, Andreas worked for 20 years both in Los Angeles and Berlin for big, global brands. Trained as communication designer, former Head of Design at iconmobile, Andreas is an expert in connected devices, meaningful, data-enabled experiences. LinkedIn

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